How to restore multiple files from Restore Data screen Feed view ?

  1. To Restore / Download a PST file, follow the below mentioned instructions.
  • Right Click on the Actifile Agent displayed on the Windows Tray

  • The Restore Menu option will be displayed in the Actifile Agent tray.

  • Click on the Restore menu option. The Restore data screen will be displayed. 


  • Check the “Restore” checkbox for the file/s to be restored and click on the “Restore “ button displayed on the right hand side corner of the screen
  • The files will be downloaded to %APPDATA%\Actifile\Download folder on the windows machine.
  • Please note that for PST file alone, the system will first download the Main file and all the incremental files, merge it and will then put the file in the download folder.
  • To close the Restore data screen, click on the cancel button.
  • To view the downloaded files, click on the "Open Files Location" button.


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