How to enable Backup Email Alert?

Customers now have the option to receive daily backup email alerts to their registered email id in Actifile 

  • To enable this option, from Actifile website (, login with your registered Actifile administrator credentials.
  • User will be navigated to the Home tab. Click on the Admin tab, The Admin dashboard will be displayed
  • Click on the Settings tab. The General Settings Page will be displayed
  • The Enable Backup Alerts option will be switched OFF by default.
  • Change the “Enable Backup Alerts” option to ON
  • An email will be generated to your registered email id on a daily basis, when
    1. When the device/s are not backed up for the 5 days or more
    2. When the pending files from the device/s are more than 100 and the last Activity is less than 5 days


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