Bandwidth Throttling

Bandwidth throttling feature enables the IT administrator to define and limit the backup internet speed for the device on which the Actifile agent extracts and uploads the file


  • To define and limit the Backup internet speed for a device, Click on the Devices menu from Admin Dashboard. The Devices Page will be displayed
  • Click on the desired device (device name link)
  • The Device Details Page will be displayed
  • By default, the Bandwidth Throttling option Is set to “Auto”
  • Toggle the switch to Manual option by either clicking on the “Auto” blue button, or by sliding the white space next to the Auto button from right to left. The Manual option will be displayed and the option to input the “Maximum bandwidth over the internet” in KBps or MBps will be displayed
  • Input the desired value and click on the Submit button.
  • The Maximum backup bandwidth input will be saved for the device
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