How to install Actifile Agent with Proxy Server?

1. In the web browser address, input the Actifile website address, "" and press the "Enter" key. The Actifile website will be displayed.


2. Click on the Login link displayed at the top right corner of the Actifile main page. The "Login" Page will be displayed.



3. Login to Actifile using your registered Actifile Account credentials. Input your Actifile registered Email ID in the “Email” field, Password in the “Password” field and click on the “Login” button. The user will be navigated to the Actifile Home page.





4. Click on the "Downloads" tab. The "Downloads" Page will be displayed.


5. Click on the "Download for Windows (exe)" or ""Download for Windows (msi)" button. The Actifile Agent installer will be downloaded to your default Downloads folder.


6. Click on the Actifile Agent installer. The Following screen will be displayed.

7. Input the Proxy address of the server in the Proxy settings field. For e.g., if the IP address of the proxy server is and the port number is 3128, then input the Proxy address as  "" in the Proxy settings field as shown below

8. Click on the next button. The following screen will be displayed

9. Click on the Install button. The installation should be completed and the following screen will be displayed.

10. Click on the finish button. The Actifile login screen will be displayed.

11. Input your registered Actifile email id in the "User name" field, the password in the "Password" field and click on the "Sign In" button. If the credentials input are correct, you will be successfully logged in to the Actifile Agent.

14. In the windows tray, an Actifile icon will be displayed.


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