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Protect Your Organization’s Valuable Knowledge and Intellectual Property with Online Storage

Having the right information at the right time represents a competitive advantage for an organization. Unfortunately, the major challenge for most organizations is coping with data loss. According to a recent estimate quote source, 15% of documents are misplaced or lost due to employees retiring or malfunctioning of computer and laptop. One of the biggest concerns for organizations as well as professionals is a poor backup of valuable information.                                              

When an employee retires, a major chunk of the important organizational database and intellectual property remains with the outgoing personnel. In many cases, such data is lost and even misused, posing a serious threat to the organization. Often, work computers and laptop malfunction, and due to lack of information backup, valuable data are lost.

Without effective ways of information protection and storage, organizations face the challenge of addressing problems such as data loss, data retention and compliance. The worst of all, businesses miss lucrative opportunities either because they cannot identify them or they cannot respond quickly due to data misplaced or lost, poor retention, and lack of data protection.

Actifile is the Solution!

Online Data Storage to Protect Information Loss and Abuse

Actifile is professional cloud data backup software that helps organizations to store valuable information and intellectual property on a cloud. Online storage not only helps in protect businesses from data loss, but also facilitates quick and easy search, filter and exploring important documents in all covered desktops and laptops from one place. Actifile also monitors organizational data and provides financial, legal, and security warnings for business.

Cloud Backup

When Actifile Agent is installed on a desktop or laptop, all documents in Microsoft Office, PDF and other known document formats are automatically uploaded to secured cloud storage. It is an automatic cloud storage software that covers all folders in local drives, including temporary Microsoft Outlook folders and all opened email attachments. Online storage and backup of valuable data prevents data loss and misplaced when an employee retires or a desktop or laptop malfunctions. The data stored on a cloud can be easily accessed from any other computer covered by Actifile Agent.

Intellectual Property Protection

With Actifile, organizations can map their intellectual property sources and have better control and monitor over sales presentations, proposals, agreements, projects, working papers, and other documentation. Organizations can also map employees who create and handle intellectual property information by installing the software on the target computers. This way, organizations and project managers can efficiently manage projects and team members by having quick access to all important documentation related to the project and monitor team activities in real time.  

Document Access

All strategic workstations are covered by the Actifile Agent to prevent data loss, which can be easily accessed and monitored. All professional, legal and financial documents will appear as news feed on workstations or Smartphone in real time. The software facilitates free text search to help search across all organizational documents, explore different document folders, and review older documents. Thus, for valuable data stored on multiple computers, Actifile provides quick and easy accessibility to efficiently manage and monitor projects and team activities.   


Actifile provides documentation and intellectual property monitoring, using advanced technology to analyze upcoming data and determine potential content violations. All documents covered by the software can be easily monitored from a single place, wherein the content inspector receives a security warning when such documents contain a list of important contacts, or financial warning when documents cover valuable financial information such as large amount of monetary transaction or credit card number.  

Actifile – The Most Complete Document Protection Solution in the Market

  • Business – Protect intellectual property of your business with Actifile. Automatically backup organization’s documents to cloud storage and have a single access point to track content easy and fast.

  • Enterprise – Actifile is the next-generation content protection and monitoring solution for the enterprise.

  • Personal – With online document backup and storage facilitated by Actifile, all personal and work documents are available whenever you need and forever. Cloud storage ensures that no data is lost or misplaced ever.  

Get Improved Security, Encryption and Authorized Used Access with Actifile

To ensure top-most security of valuable data, Actifile software is powered by multiple security levels to protect, encrypt and backup all your documents. All documents in Actifile are encrypted to ensure highest levels of protection and also prevent hacking or cyber crime. You can also leverage two-stage verification, an authorized user access feature that further enables you to add another level of security to your account or documents. Other users cannot see files in Actifile unless you share documents, files and folders with others. All documents are highly encrypted and account access is restricted by two-stage verification feature.

  • Modern encryption methods to store and transfer data on Actifile
  • The software and all applications are regularly tested for any kind of security vulnerability and well-encrypted to improve security and protection against hacking attacks and malware      
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and AES-256 bit encryption
  • Files and documents can only be viewed by people who have access or links to them
  • Two-step verification provides added layer of security during authorized user access. Actifile lets you choose to receive security code via Time-Based One-Time Password or text message

Actifile facilitates online data backup and storage, information protection, and security with remarkable simplicity, coherence and performance. 

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