How to update the phone number for Two-Step Verification feature?

1. After Two-Step Verification feature is enabled, logout from Actifile and login to Actifile using your enterprise account credentials.

Input your Actifile registered email id in the “Email” field, password in the “Password” field and click on the “Login” button.

2. The system will display the following page. Please note that this page will be displayed only when the Phone Number field is MyProfile, Edit Page is blank.

3. By default the country selected while registering the Actifile enterprise account will be displayed in the country field and the corresponding country code will be displayed in the first part of the non-editable Phone Number field. Input your Phone number in the editable Phone number field and click on the Text Me button.

4. The system will prompt the user to Input the verification code that was sent to your Phone number.


5. Input the 4 digits Verification code received on your Phone Number and click on the Submit button. The User should be logged in to Actifile system successfully and the Actifile Home page will be displayed.

6. Click on My Profile menu item displayed on the left hand side corner. The My Profile page will be displayed

7. Click on the Edit button from the My Profile Page. A new Phone number field will be displayed with the verified phone number data. This field will be blank before the phone number is verified for the first time. If the phone number in this field is updated to a different number, then the verification code will be sent to the updated number. Please note that the phone number field will not be displayed when the Two-Step Verification field is “Disabled” in Admin, Settings menu.


 8. Navigate to the Admin DashBoard by clicking on the Admin tab

9. Click on the Users menu item. The User Management Page will be displayed. 

10.Click on Add. A new Phone Number field will be displayed in the Account Information page. For all the non-admin Users created by administrator, the phone number prefixed by the “+”, country code and phone number will be input in this field. For e.g. if the country code is 91 and the phone number is 9876543210 then the phone number input in this field will be +919876543210. When the non-admin user logins in to Actifile, the system will send the verification code to the phone number input in this field



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