How can I unlock my administrator account?

After the login credentials are input, the verification page will be displayed to the user. The user is expected to input the 4 digit verification code received on the phone number in "Verification Code" field. In case the verification code is not received on the phone number, the user can click on the "try again" link to receive a new 4 digit verification code.  If the “try again” link is clicked for more than 3 times, the user will get locked. 

If the actifile registered enterprise administrator account (with Two-step Verification feature enabled) is locked, then the user can be unlocked by the following process.

1. Click on the Login Link

2. Click on the “Forgot Password?” link.  The Restore Password page will be displayed.


3. Input the Actifile registered Email id of the Administrator in the “Email” Field in Restore Password page and click on the Send button. The restore password mail will be sent to the Registered Email id of the User.

4.Open the relevant mail and click on the provided link for restoring the password. The Change Password screen will be displayed. 


5. Input your new or existing password in the Password field and input the same data in the Confirm password field. The phone number of the user will be displayed by default in the phone number field. Click on the Send button. A message “Password was changed successfully” will be displayed. The administrator's account  is now unlocked.



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