How do I sign up for a Personal Subscription in Actifile?

1. In the web browser, input the Actifile website address, "" and press the "Enter" key. The Actifile website will be displayed.



2. Click on the Signup link displayed at the top right corner of the Actifile main page. The user will be provided with an option of choosing an Actifile subscription plan.



 3. Click on the "Sign Up" button displayed under the Personal subscription menu. The Actifile personal subscription Sign up page will be displayed.



4. Input your first name in the "First Name" field, last name in the "Last Name" field, your email id in the Email ID field, your password in the "Password" , "Confirm Password" fields and click on the "Create an Account" button. If all the data input by the user are valid, then the account will be created successfully and the following Account confirmation page will be displayed. An email will be sent to the email id provided by the user.

 5. Open the relevant Actifile signup email and click on the link provided in the email. A “Thanks for Confirming” page will be displayed and your “Personal Subscription” will be successfully registered with Actifile. You can now login to Actifile using your registered credentials.





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