How can the administrator unlock user accounts?

After the login credentials are input, the verification page is displayed to the user. The user is expected to input the four digit verification code received on the phone number in "Verification Code" field. In case the verification code is not received on the phone number, the user can click on the "try again" link to receive a new 4 digit verification code.  If the “try again” link is clicked for more than 3 times, the user will get locked.

1. Login to Actifile using Administrator’s credentials. Input the verification code. The User will be logged in to Actifile system successfully and the Actifile Home Page will be displayed


2.Navigate to the Admin Dashboard by clicking on the Admin tab.


3.Click on the “Users” menu item. The User Management Page with the list of Users will be displayed.


4.  Click on the email id of the user who is locked. The My Profile Page with the selected User’s details will be displayed.


5. Click on the Unlock button to unlock the  User. A message “User has been unlocked” will be displayed. 


6. Click on the Ok button. The User is now unlocked. A locked  User can also be unlocked, when the Administrator changes the User’s phone number in My Profile Edit, phone number field.

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