How do I update my Business Subscription?

1. In the web browser address, input the Actifile website address, "" and press the "Enter" key. The Actifile website will be displayed.


2. Click on the Login link displayed at the top right corner of the Actifile main page. The "Login" Page will be displayed.



3. Login to Actifile using your registered Actifile Account credentials.Input your Actifile registered Email ID in the “Email” field, Password in the “Password” field and click on the “Login” button. The user will be navigated to the Actifile Home page.




4. Click on the Admin tab. The Admin Dashboard will be displayed.


5. Click on the Billing menu option. The Billing Page will be displayed.


6. Click on the Update Subscription button. The Billing, Update Subscription Page will be displayed.



7. Select the desired subscription and  the Price Plan. The description of each field is mentioned below.


8. Click on the Save Button. If the subscription plan is downgraded ( for e.g. If the selected subscription is Starter or Business subscription  with decrease in licence count), then the system will display Message 1 first and then Message 2. If the subscription plan is upgraded (for e.g. if the selected subscription is Enterprise or Business subscription with increase in licence count ), then only Message 2 will be displayed.

Message 1.


Message 2.


 9. Your subscription is updated successfully.

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