How do I add more users to my account?

1. Login to Actifile web using your registered Actifile login credentials.


2. The user will be navigated to the Actifile Home page



3. Click on the Admin tab. The Admin Dashboard will be displayed.


4. Click on the Users menu. The User Management page will be displayed.


5. Click on the Add button. The Account Information page will be displayed.


6. Input the First Name, Last Name and unique Email id in the relevant fields and click on the Continue button. The Setting page will be displayed



7. By default the administrative privileges for the new user to be created will be set to No. To provide administrative privileges, click on the Assign Permissions Yes radio button. Click on the Continue button. The Notify page will be displayed.



8. In the Notify page, the Send email box will be selected by default. Click on the Submit button. The Confirm your account will be displayed. 




9. The user information along with the temporary password will be displayed in the Confirm your account page. Click on the Finish button. The user will be created successfully.




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