How to install Actifile Agent using the Installation key?

1. In the web browser address, input the Actifile website address, "" and press the "Enter" key. The Actifile website will be displayed.



2. Click on the Login link displayed at the top right corner of the Actifile main page. The "Login" Page will be displayed.




3. Login to Actifile using your registered Actifile Account credentials.Input your Actifile registered Email ID in the “Email” field, Password in the “Password” field and click on the “Login” button. The user will be navigated to the Actifile Home page.





4. Click on the "Downloads" tab. The "Downloads" Page will be displayed.




5. For download Actifile agent on Windows machine, click on the "Download for Windows" button. To download Actifile agent on Macintosh machine, click on the "Download for Mac" button.The Actifile Agent, will be downloaded to the workstation.


6.On Windows machine double click on the installer filer Actifile Agent.exe and on Mac machine double click on the Actifile Agent.pkg file. The Actifile Agent Setup screen will be displayed.



7.In the Destination Directory field, “Destination dir”, a default path of “C:\Program Files\Actifile Agent\” is displayed. To change the default path, click on the “Change” button.The “Change destination” folder screen is displayed.



8.Input the desired path in the “Folder name” field and click on the “OK” button. The User is navigated back to the Main screen.


9. Click on the Next button to proceed with the installation.The “Ready to install Actifile Agent” screen will be displayed.




10.Click on the Install button.The Installing Actifile Agent Screen will be displayed. 


11. After the installation is completed, the “Completed the Actifile Agent Setup Wizard” screen will be displayed.



12. Click on the Finish button.The installation will be completed successfully and the Actifile Agent login screen will be displayed.



13. Click on the "Use installation key" check box. The Actifile login screen with option to input the Installation key will be displayed.



14. Input the Installation key displayed in the Actifile Downloads page and click on the Sign In button. The system will display a message stating that the "Your device isn't active". The device would have been added and will have to be activated by the Administrator.


15. In Actifile Web system login with administrator credentials and click on the Admin tab and  Devices option. The newly added device in "inactive" state will be displayed in the Devices page. 


16. Select the device and click on the Activate button. The system will display a confirmation message to  activate the device. On confirming the device will be activated.

17. Click on the Sign In button. The agent will be now be logged in successfully. and an Actifile icon will be displayed in the windows tray.




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