Pre-requisites for installing Actifile Agent on Macintosh Machine

Before installing Actifile Agent Package on Macintosh machine, please ensure that Java Version 8 or above is installed.


To verify Java build version installed on your Macintosh machine, follow the below instructions


1. Click on the Terminal menu option

2. On the Terminal windows, input the command, java –version and press the enter key. The java build version should be displayed as 1.8 or above.


3. Also verify the Installed java version in System Preferences screen. Follow the below instructions

4. The System Preferences screen will be displayed.


5. Click on Java. The Java Control Panel will be displayed


6.Click on the About… option. The installed java version details will be displayed. The Java version should 8 or above.


7.In case the java version installed on your machine is less than version 8, Please upgrade the java version on your machine to java 8 or above.


The latest version of java for Macintosh can be downloaded from the below mentioned link.



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