How to backup Outlook PST files in Actifile?

  • Outlook PST backup option on Actifile is now available for Windows devices. This has been made possible by incorporating Data Deduplication (Dedup) and Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) storage related features. Dedup optimizes a storage volume using a set of jobs that optimize, garbage collect, and scrub the file data to reduce the physical storage size required. VSS captures and copies stable volume images for backup on running server systems.
    • To enable Backing up of PST files, follow the instructions given below
    • Login to Actifile web system with your login credentials.
    • Click on the Admin tab, The Admin Dashboard will be displayed.
    • Click on the Backup Setting menu. The Backup setting page will be displayed.
    • Click on the Other Formats tab. The PST file extension for Outlook will be displayed on the page.
    • Enable the PST file extension by clicking and moving the white space adjacent to the OFF button to the right or by clicking on the OFF button. The file extension will be switched to “ON” position.   


    • The Scheduler for backing up the PST file will run once in 24 hours and will extract and upload the PST file/s. Only the first time the whole PST file will be extracted and subsequently, the incremental data will be extracted and uploaded. Sample PST file uploaded in Actifile is shown below.    



    • The Main PST file and the daily incremental files are saved as different file versions. The files can be viewed by clicking on the History link displayed under the relevant file.

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