How to wipe my device using Actifile?

Wipe Feature

Device wipe feature is now available for Actifile Business and Enterprise Subscriptions. Using this feature, Account Administrators will be able to wipe all the folders from the device/s from where the files were uploaded. Our technical team have developed intelligent  algorithms to make it impossible to view the wiped files from the respective folder/s in case they are recovered using any Data recovery tools. 


  • Actifile Agent should be installed and running on the device/s to be wiped.

Steps to be followed to wipe the device

  • Login to Actifile web system using your registered Actifile account credentials. 
  • From the Actifile Home page, click on the Admin Tab. 



  • The Admin Dashboard will be displayed. Click on the Devices menu option.


  • The Devices Page will be displayed. The Wipe button will be displayed on this page.


  • Select the device/s to be wiped and click on the Wipe button. The system will display a message box to confirm the operation. Click on the OK button. The Wipe process will start and will begin to wipe all the folders from where the files were uploaded to Actifile.


  • All the wiped files will be tagged as "Wiped" in Actifile. The Account holder can restore the wiped files  to any other new or existing device using the "Restore" Feature available in Actifile.



Note: If a file is physically open, then the Actifile Agent will keep attempting to wipe the file from the folder, till the file is closed.

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