How to define a Public Classification by contents?

  • Login to Actifile Web using your registered Actifile Account credentials


  • The user will be logged in successfully. Click on the Admin tab 


  • The Admin Dashboard Page will be displayed. Click on the Protection Rules menu item



  • The Protection Rules Page will be displayed with Rules and Classification tabs


  • Click on the Classification tab, A sub menu with items  Public and Library will be displayed


  • Click on the Public sub menu item. The Public Classification Page will be displayed


  • Click on the Add button.The Classification Details Page will be displayed


  • Classification Type : By Content
    Sensitive Type : Sensitive or Non Sensitive
    Classification Name: <Name>
    Regulation and Compliance : Select one or more of PII, PCI, GDPR or HIPAA
    Countries : Select 1 or more country/countries
    Match : Any Rule Or All Rules
    Rule option : Contains one of the words or Contains Exact Phrase or Doesn't contain Phrase
    Min Repeat: 1 is set by default
    Rule Text: Enter the text for the selected Rule
    Add Rule - Click on Add Rule in Case you want to input multiple COntent Rules. Maximum of 16 Content Rules can be defined for one Classification
    Encrypt Files:
  •  OFF by default. Toggle button to ON to enable Encryption
    If Encryption File is set to ON, Following fields will be displayed
    Encrypt Delay in Day
  •  ENcrypt delay in hours.
  • If any numeric value is input in these fields then the file Encryption will be delayed by the value input in hours or Days
    Decrypt Channels :
  • All Local means, an encrypted file can be opened by default Local processes. For eg an encrypted docx file may be opened by Microsoft word application and will be encrypted while opened with any other compatible applications like Open Office
  • Additional Channels : Select the additional channels like Outlook, Chrome for which the encrypted data will be decrypted
  • Selected Local : Select the Process for which the encrypted data will be decrypted
  • Classification Status : Files matching the Content rules text will be classified only when this field is set to ON
  • Caption : The caption input here will appear under the classified files in Data explorer Page
  • Cost USD: The value input here will be used to calculate the Risk Cost to the organisation when sensitive file content is available on the device
  • Color : The caption of classified content will be displayed in the selected color in Data explorer Page
  • Icon : The selected Icon will be displayed under the classified file in Data Explorer Page
  • Click on the Save changes button. The Content Classification should be created successfully


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