How to define a Rule for protecting sensitive files being downloaded from external channels?

  • Login to Actifile Web using your registered Actifile Account credentials


  • The user will be logged in successfully. Click on the Admin tab 


  • The Admin Dashboard Page will be displayed. Click on the Protection Rules menu item



  • The Protection Rules Page will be displayed with Rules and Classification tabs
  • Click on the Add button.The Rule Details Page will be displayed.
  • Create or Edit Rule with Name : Enter a Name for the Rule
  • Rule Status - Will be ON by default. Only when the Rule Status is ON, the rule will be activated
  • When User :Download File
  • Channels : 
  • - All  - Rule applicable for All channels
  • - Selected (Select Channel) -  Rule applicable for Selected channel/s
  • - Except Selected (Except  Select Channel) - Rule applicable for all channels except the Selected channel/s
  • Apply to the following File Classification Tags: 
  • - All  - Rule applicable for All Classification Tags
  • - Selected (Select Tag/s) -  Rule applicable for Selected Classification tag/s
  • - Except Selected (Except  Select Tag/s) - Rule applicable for all Classification tags except the Selected tag/s
  • Apply this rule for the following devices: 
  • - All  - Rule applicable for All devices
  • - Selected (Select Device/s) -  Rule applicable for the Selected devices
  • - Except Selected (Select Device/s) - Rule applicable for all devices except the Selected device/s
  • When the rule happens make the following actions
  • Prevent - ON/OFF - If set to ON, the the File operation will be Prevented
  • Create Case - ON/OFF - If set to ON the, Cases will be created when the Rule is met
  • Email Notification - ON/OFF - When set to ON, user will get notified by an Email. 
  • Please note that Email Notification can be enabled only when Create Case option is ON
  • Click on the Save Changes button to Create the Rule





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